“The World to Come: Olam Ha-Ba”


Writing a “blog” can be sporadic when you have a message that is developing over a period of time. This particular message has been developing over a few months. But, I decided to write it now even though it is not fully developed with the hope that those of you that follow my blog will incubate it and bring it to full development.

Scripture inspiration along with the daily manna of life has birthed this message about prophetic revelation of “The World to Come” which in Hebrew, an original language of the Bible, is “Olam Ha-Ba”. This Hebrew word is also known as “the age to come”, which is the period of time following the Millennium; a time after the world is perfected under the rulership of Messiah, Jesus. So, after the 1000 year (Millennium) reign of Jesus here on earth, the Olam Ha-Ba or “World to Come” is realized. To learn more about it read Revelations chapters 20 and 21.

Let’s view the progress of the “World to Come: Olam Ha-Ba” using symbolism and prophetic insight, perhaps even revelation.

Theme: “The World to Come: Olam Ha-Ba”

Read Scripture: Revelations 20 and 21 NIV

The ushering in of the Millennium is in its pre-natal stages. Scripture Romans 8:22 says “We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time.”

Now, here is where the symbolism comes in. If we view the language of today or the Olam Ha-Za, Hebrew word which means “the present world”. We have descriptors of:

The Millennials – Millennials are the generation born between 1982 and sometime in the early 2000’s. A generation is typically defined as a group of people born around the same time (roughly a twenty year span) who display a common persona. When distinguishing the generation types there are:

Four archetypes (archetype is a typical example) are represented by the Silent Generation (1925-1942) as the Artist archetype, the Baby Boomers (1943-1960) as the Prophet archetype, Generation X (1961-1981) as the Nomad archetype, and Millennials (1982-200?) known as the Hero archetype. The Millennials as the Hero archetype are the focus of this blog. The millennials have the following characteristics:

  • They are nurtured with increasing protection by pessimistic adults in an insecure environment. The Millennials believe their elders are overly protective because of the elder’s pessimism based on the unstable environment that is being presently experienced in the world.
  • Millennials challenge the political failure of elder-led crusades, fueling a society-wide secular crisis. The Millennials believe the failure of the political system rests on their elders and because of this failure there is a crisis in society and the world they have inherited.
  • Millennials establish an upbeat, constructive ethic of social discipline. The Millennials work to reshape and reconstruct a more positive society through personal social discipline aiming to right societal wrongs.
  • Millennials orchestrate ever-grander secular constructions. The Millennials believe that a better world is possible, if only individuals would stand up to make a more just society by re-making the world systems.

In summary, the Millennials are an example of the archetype Heroes which are classified as “dominant and outer-fixated,” meaning that they are a dominant generation that is more concerned with the needs of society as a whole over the needs of themselves or of individuals. They won’t take “no” as answer and are convinced that their generation will not “put up” with what they consider injustices that have perpetuated through past generations and social systems.

The Millennials will “march” for justice and fight injustice whenever and wherever is appears. They will put their lives, reputations, and resources on the line to achieve through their own efforts a world and society of love for all people, removal of corrupt systems; leveling of economic enterprises; separation from fearful people and systems; and peace and harmony amongst diverse people.

Could this be the ushering in of the Millennium that is spoken about in Revelations 20 and 21? Could the actions of the Millennials be the ushering in of the Olam Ha-Ba, “The World to Come” where Jesus will come to Earth and reign for 1,000 years? Then, after the thousand years the “Judgement” (Matthew 25:31 – 46) will occur, and the “New Heaven and New Earth (Revelations 21) reveal itself?



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