Many prophetic voices are saying we are in the “last of the last days”. It makes us ponder if we are now living out the Revelations of the Apostle John, the beloved disciple of Jesus Christ.

Let’s see what the Bible says? The book of Revelations gives us some insight. We can view the book of Revelations literally, figuratively, and symbolically.

Literally: we accept the writing of the book of Revelations as exactly what it says.

Figuratively: we accept the writing of the book of Revelations as it appeals to our sensory system (touch, taste, sound, smell, sight…)

Symbolically: we accept the writing of the book of Revelations as words that offer a different meaning other than their literal meaning.

Does/Is the book of Revelations sounding the alarm, since it contains the seven trumpets and trumpets give a blasting sound of a warning; the announcement of a coming event; a celebration; or prophetically a person(s). Let’s examine the “Seven (7) Trumpets”.

Theme: “Seven (7) Trumpets”

Read in its entirety Scripture: Revelations 8


#1: Hail and Fire mixed with Blood – 1/3 trees burned up and all green grass

#2: Burning Mountain plunges into the Sea – 1/3 all sea life and ships destroyed; 1/3 of oceans become blood

#3: Great Star called “Wormwood” falls to Earth – 1/3 plants and freshwater poisoned

#4: Light from the Sun, Moon, and Stars become dark – 1/3 day is complete darkness

#5: Star falls from Heaven – Smoke and Pestilence plagues mankind

#6: Mankind Stricken by Plague – 1/3 of mankind stricken

#7: Christ Proclaimed as Ruler forever – Thunder, Earthquake, and Hailstorms occur

Does the description of the seven trumpets destruction sound familiar? Perhaps like the effects of Nuclear War?


  • Dense smoke from a nuclear war would block sunlight and plunge the entire world into darkness
  • Without warmth and sunlight for photosynthesis, plant life would die triggering mass starvation up the food chain
  • The extreme heat of thermal radiation burns everything in its path, including animals, trees, buildings and people
  • The nuclear radiation penetrates the body and many of those who didn’t die from radiation or burns, later develop cancers from the radiation
  • Radioactive particles travel and contaminate bodies of water, including aquatic life like fish
  • Temperature at the core of the nuclear explosion is between 50 and 150 million degrees Fahrenheit, destroying everything in its path.

Remember to stay alert for:

“The end of all things is near; therefore, be of sound judgment and sober spirit for the purpose of prayer.” 1 Peter 4:7



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